A boy named Pedro is the inspiration for the changeIT project.  We met him in 2008 in Nicaragua while working to improve the school conditions in his village of La Ceiba.  He communicated with us using English that he taught himself by memorizing words from a dictionary. He told us that his life’s aspiration was to become a doctor in order to help his family and the people of Leon.  Inspired, along with the group of students with whom we were traveling, we each gave $10 for Pedro to receive a full scholarship to Alianza Americana.  A year from our chance encounter, Pedro has graduated from high school, speaks English, was accepted and has begun his studies at the University of Leon, and is on the verge of a paid position with Alianza Americana.

AlianzaAmericana has given me opportunity to form part of its nice family , it has instructed me about how to become a leader, I have learned how to share my experiences with other people , of course it is the place where I am learning English.

I plan to do many things with my education for example, to teach and share my knowledge with people, to work to support my family, and I hope, I have the capacities to help to the youth, like you are doing for me. English will help me to establish a great relationship  with all of you, so we are going to get a good touch, and it will be very important in the way of my career. All of you have been a light in my life to go on fighting for a good future.  You are always in my heart.

– Pedro Jose Cheves Barrera

How It Works

The changeIT project is  based on the idea that it does not take a substantial investment to make a difference in someone’s life.  Simply read through the profiles and choose a student who you would like to sponsor, click on their profile, and contribute as little as $5 or as much as a full scholarship of $200 to that student.  Once a student has received enough money to cover tuition, they will be enrolled in and begin classes. At this time, each donor will receive a notification. As long as the student is studying at Alianza Americana, each donor will receive monthly update letters and/or emails from the student on his/her personal lives and progress at Alianza Americana.  There will also be periodic reports from Alianza’s Executive Director Dr. Oscar Aragon. The changeIT project seeks to create a personal and meaningful connection between the donor and student.