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Accidents result in many injuries annually in the United Kingdom, and personal injury compensation in England can be a very complex subject. It helps to gain a basic understanding of the no win no fee process if one suspects that he or she may have to file such a claim.  Our no win no fee solicitors in Bristol are here to help you. For more information visit our website which is No Win No Fee Bristol.

By calling us now or using the contact form on our website we can get started straight away to advise you on a claim and how much compensation you could be due today.

You Receive 100% of Compensation

Please note, that we don’t offer the traditional no win no fee approach to compensation. You will receive 100% of any compensation payment and our fees will not come out of your claim. Instead we operate using an insurance scheme, meaning we get paid by an insurance company.  So, we work better for you as solicitors and lawyers in Bristol offering no win no fee because you receive more compensation than you would with other firms.

The No Win No Fee Approach

Personal injuries can occur almost anywhere. In many cases, such injuries are the result of the negligence of other individuals. If an injury falls into this category, monetary compensation can be pursued. General compensation is awarded by a United Kingdom Court of Law, and is typically given to the injured individual to replace his or her lost earnings or to help provide compensation for pain and suffering.

Using a No Win No Fee Lawyer & Injury Advice Specialist

For a variety of reasons, personal injury claims are often very complicated. Fortunately, however, most Bristol personal injury solicitors will work on what is referred to as a contingency basis, also called no win no fee.

As its name implies, this method of payment involves the solicitor taking a percentage of the money awarded to the injured individual as payment, as opposed to the injured person paying the upfront retainer that is usually required when a no win no fee lawyer takes on a new client. This is particularly helpful if the client has a strong case, but does not have enough money to pay the solicitor in advance.

The Bristol no win no fee solicitor will begin by establishing the worth of the claim. If this estimate is more than £1000, the legal costs will almost certainly be paid in addition to the monetary compensation the client is awarded for the injury.

New Legislation Regarding No Win No Fee Solicitors

Those seeking compensation for injury are wise to familiarize themselves with the recent changes in legislation concerning how no win no fee solicitors are allowed to conduct business. The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act is planning to change the manner in which such cases are funded.

Supporters of the Act claim it will halt the activity of unscrupulous “ambulance-chasing no win no fee lawyers” who seek exaggerated and spurious claims at inflated costs. However, critics fear the new legislation may restrict access to the legal system for certain individuals who have legitimate cases.

It may also require those who have sustained genuine injuries to use a significant percent of any damages they are awarded to cover legal costs. Under the new law, clients still do not pay upfront fees or cover solicitors’ costs if no compensation is awarded, but a “success fee” must be paid if the case is won. However, this fee cannot exceed 25% of the damages received.

Those who support the Act, however, still claim that specious cases were on the increase under the old legislation. For example, the number of claims for whiplash following automobile accidents rose by 25 percent during the past four years, even though the number of road traffic collisions fell during the same period.

It remains to be seen which group is correct in their predictions. Nevertheless, those who have been injured due to no fault of their own are wise to seek the advice of no win no fee solicitors Bristol in order to pursue compensation.

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