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How to Become a UK Personal Injury Lawyer


Author’s Note: I recently became a personal injury lawyer and thought some of you might find this interesting.  This is the route I took to qualification.  There are other ways in which you can become qualified, but generally speaking this is the most common and popular route if you want to find employment.

A person can suffer from personal injury at any time. It can occur due to an accident in his home, on the road, or even at home. These injuries occur because of several reasons. Negligence by a surgeon during the course of an operation can cause such injuries. Even a faulty machine in the hospital can result in such injuries. One cannot avoid the fact that road traffic accidents also occur every day. While some of them results in death, others cause permanent disability to the individual.

That’s why hiring a reputable personal injury lawyer is the best way to claim and get compensation from the person responsible for the accident. These solicitors charge contingency fees (no win no fee) from their clients… typically a percentage of the compensation money awarded by the court. There is a huge demand in the UK and London for such solicitors. However, an individual needs to have certain qualifications to earn the right to join the ranks of the best personal injury lawyers in London.

The Educational Process & Qualifications Needed

Acquiring a law degree is the best way to qualify to practice as a lawyer in the UK. However, this does imply that those who have acquired a degree in some other educational stream, such as science or commerce, cannot qualify as a solicitor. In such a situation, the individual will need to complete the common professional examination or a graduate diploma in law. The SRA qualified lawyers transfer scheme regulations allows qualified lawyers from a different country to carry on their practice in UK.

Before you apply for a law degree, you should ensure that you have a strong academic record. This will help you to beat the fierce competition for such a degree. You can opt for a full time course or even pursue the course online. You can search the websites of different universities to find out the type of courses they provide. If you stay in a small town, and do not have the cash required to stay in a hostel, then you should enrol in a university that offers online law courses.

It takes less than a year to complete a full time educational programme. However, if you opt for a part time educational programme then it will take around two years to complete it. Overseas candidate should have a good knowledge of English. Apart from that, they should also be conversant with English legal system. Candidates interested in becoming a personal injury solicitor should secure 40% marks in all subjects.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Degree

The solicitor degree, awarded to successful students, has a validity of seven years, which is renewable by completing refresher exams successfully. Even those who do not have any degree can become a solicitor. However, they have to complete examinations that are academically challenging and require a lot of time to complete as well. Everyone interested in becoming such a solicitor has to complete the LPC. This is necessary for those who want to qualify as a solicitor in UK. It also helps them to develop skills required for working in a solicitor’s firm. Once you complete the course, you have to work in a solicitor’s firm as a trainee solicitor. This can take up to two years. However, those who have legal experience can complete it in eighteen months.

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