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Some Strange Personal Injury Claims Reported in London

Great Photo of London at Night

I have worked in some of the largest cities in the World during my legal career.  In that time I’ve seen some downright weird personal injury claims being reported.  In Los Angeles there was the guy who claimed to have fallen onto a bottle of Coke – I will leave the rest of the story to your imagination. However, nowhere has ever seemed to top London when it comes to the strangest personal injury claims that I have heard of.  Many of these won’t be in the public domain, and some have been passed down to me by colleagues and peers who work in the legal profession in the United Kingdom so I cannot guarantee that they are true – however, they might you chuckle to yourself.

Editor’s Note: If you are someone living and working in London and have had an accident yourself then here is a page about London injury and accident claims.  I recommend these guys as have worked with many of them in the past.

Weird London Personal Injury Claim – Story #1

In Islington, North London, a pub landlord was somewhat of an insomniac.  Whilst in bed at night he could not sleep so decided to take a large gulp from his sleeping medicine.  The only thing was, he had picked up the incorrect medicine bottle and drank some white spirit (he was decorating that week).  He was rushed to hospital and made a full recovery but amazingly enough managed to make an accident claim nearly totally fifty thousand pounds!

Weird London Personal Injury Claim – Story #2

A young man was returning from a nightclub after a night out on the tiles.  As he left the nightclub he was handed a flyer for another event… literally seconds later he saw his friend crossing the road and went to mock salute him as a friendly greeting.  In his inebriated state he forgot he was carrying a flyer and the corner of the thick paper stabbed him in the eye.  He won around three thousand pounds for this strange personal injury claim in London.

Weird London Personal Injury Claim – Story #3

In the late 1990s an office worker in Canary Wharf was playing Blind Man’s Bluff with his colleagues.  This horseplay resulted in him slipping and falling near the photocopier meaning he was off work for half a year.  Thankfully he was covered and this personal accident claim resulted in him being the lucky recipient of eight thousand pounds.

Want to Hear More Mad Stories?

If you are interested in joining the associate of personal injury lawyers so you can hear more silly stories like this then I can recommend this link.  The association holds regularly meetings and conferences for personal injury claims lawyers (including meetings in London) where you can get together with other legal eagles in the industry.

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