Why I’ve Not Updated the Blog in a While – Fatherhood!


I’ve not been able to update the Operation Dreamseed blog as much as I would have liked over the past couple of months… and there’s a really good reason for that… I am now the proud father of a baby son. Little Frederick arrived at 1807 on the 10th of May and as you can imagine this has really taken up a ridiculous amount of time for me and my partner. I am not going to post any photos online of him as that’s not my thing – check my Facebook if you want photos (friends only). Needless to say though, we are both extremely tired, but mother and baby are doing very well.

I think when fatherhood happens, it is a huge life changer. Before I was definitely very selfish, although didn’t realise it at the time. For my partner and I it’s been a huge wakeup call with new responsibilities and things that we have to do – things we used to take for granted are now very much placed on the back-burner – and that probably means a lot of my blogs and website projects will take a back seat for a while whilst I get my role as a father moving.

Anyway, I will try and blog in the future, but please don’t expect too much insight at the moment as I am fully pre-occupied with a mini-version of me who doesn’t give much respite!

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